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Underwater Chumphon


ArmoniaVillage is located on the Gulf of Thailand in the northern most province of Southern Thailand, Chumphon, specifically at Thung Wua Laen Beach. Our beach is maintained as a natural Thai beach, no chairs and umbrellas, no motorized vehicles or jet-skis. It is a beautiful, long, white-sand beach where locals and tourists alike come to enjoy the pure fun of playing on the sand and in the water.

About ten nautical miles off of our beach are the islands of Ngam Yai and Ngam Noi; these unspoiled islands provide us with dive sites of beautiful coral reefs which have an amazing variety of both hard and soft coral. The coral and giant boulders provide homes to a myriad of fish species in great quantity, not to mention mollusks, sponges, anemones, tubeworms and such. The area around the islands is within the Chumphon National Marine Park. The scuba diving and snorkeling is breathtakingly beautiful.

Armonia Logo  Visit for resort reservations and information. Our dive center is located in the resort.